No title could be snappy enough

I’m headed home from Madhava and Kate’s ridiculously lovely wedding now, and I’ll freely confess that there’s some basking going on.

It was a tremendously lovely ceremony, followed by a reception that expressed their warmth and style perfectly. And through some colossal lapse in combined judgement, I was invited to be near the centre of it — blessed am I, truly.

I think I may have given the best extemporaneous speech of my life, after discarding most of my prepared thoughts on the way to the mic, and I can’t imagine when I’d have rather played that card. I hope the guests enjoyed listening to it even half as much as I enjoyed giving it, and especially Madhava and Kate themselves. They deserve nothing less than a wedding perfect in execution and sentiment, and as long as I didn’t detract from that I will take some small pride in my small role.

And now I think I’m going to sleep for a week. Hopefully the DJ will stop playing boppy 80s numbers early enough that my wife can join me at brunch tomorrow morning… [tags]madhava, kate, wedding, speech, friends[/tags]