Intermittence and such

As I mentioned in an earlier post, to which linking from the Blackberry is nigh on impossible, I’m headed to Serbia today with Vlad and Stuart, for a week of trying to not spend all my time working. First, though, I’ll going to dump the random contents of my brain. Viewer discretion is advised.

I’ve got a small number of things I need to wrap up before I really get my odmor on, for some partners and folks like the indefatigable Deb, but I hope to do most of that quickly and then retreat from work for a while. I’ll have email through the global wonders of my Blackberry, and while I’ll probably read or at least subject-scan most of what I get, I will be applying all of my scant willpower to avoiding replying as much as possible. If you’re the sort of person who has my cell number, you can call it if you need to get my attention. I probably don’t love you enough to answer at $4/min, but I’ll take a closer look at my mail when I see the call. (If you’re not the sort of person who knows my cell number, and you need to reach me with some urgency, the Mozilla universe is full of people who can help you.)

Generally, you should go after Chris Beard ( for strategic or partnership issues related to extensions and such, and Mike Morgan ( for operational stuff. (To be clear, you should do this when you would have escalated to me in email; please file bugs and use IRC and mailing lists first as appropriate.). For issues related to MDC, you should contact Deb Richardson (, but really you should always do that anyway; she’s a lot better about that stuff than I am.

On Wednesday, we three are going to be speaking to, or perhaps “at”, a University of Belgrade group of as-yet-unknown composition and size. If they are fortunate, I will not inflict upon them my stumbing, ill-pronounced Serbian. I’ve been trying to learn the language, and though I haven’t been able to spend as much time on it as I would have liked (o, familiar refrain!) , my time-on-task has been pretty productive. For that I credit the book I’m working with — “Teach Yourself Serbian”, CD edition — as well as my experience with Latin and French, and of course Vlad’s patient indulgence of my many mispronounced questions. I’m hoping that I’ll pick it up quickly enough during my week’s stay, but even if I’m still not confident enough to use it outside restaurants before it’s time to leave I hope I’ll continue to work on it. I’ve had a fun time learning it so far, and it’ll let me torture Vlad with the rending and tearing of his native tongue.

Far be it from me to speak for others, but I had a good time at XTech, and I was pretty excited to see the links being made between people in the “core” of our community and others who are working on bits and pieces that will lead to the next microevolution of the web in the next season or two. There was more energy and “practical innovation” on display this year than last, and it was pretty neat to see the technologies and patterns we were previewing in 2005 in pretty-wide use already.

David Humphrey, a Seneca professor who Mozilla sponsored to XTech, was a whirlwind nexus of connections and ideas just by himself, and when combined with the schmoozing powers of myself and Chris Beard to form a social Voltron great things could indeed come of it. I’m really excited about the prospects for working with Seneca’s students and faculty even more: they have a ton of energy and a really excellent focus on practical results, and their increasing work in all manner of open source is going to be fascinating to participate in. If I were going to school to learn how to do software, I’d be at Seneca.

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pitiful attempt

On Monday night, after reflecting on a conversation with my new doctor, my upcoming travel schedule, and the fact that I never took the vacation I originally planned for August, I decided that I’d try to take the rest of this week off.

Tuesday already had a Lightning phone conference scheduled, and I was also roped into a last minute review and a Business Week call.

I’m not very good at taking vacation, though you should presume that your mail is among the ~250 unread, non-bugmail messages awaiting my attention already.

Wednesday was better, though, in that I didn’t check my email until I got some urgent-sounding requests to submit information for payroll and benefits (yeah, that sure gets my attention!), and mostly spent the day playing video games and watching TiVo goodies. Eventually, I had to put pants on and go see some houses with my wife and our excellent agent. And then head up to Beltzner’s for Leafs and Veronica. I’m sure they were all glad that I did the pants thing too.

Tomorrow? More slackassery, a bit of Miriam-visiting and some tasty La Palette. I should have this vacation thing all figured out just in time to drive to Ottawa for Canucksgiving, and then fly to California for the week. Rule.