and now we feed

I don’t know about you, but I’m interested enough in finding out the identity of Hoye’s mystery guests at Chu Shing tonight to show up in person.

Special bonus: if you are of able body and relatively calm disposition, I will buy your dinner in exchange for your showing up to help my mother unload her truck at 2PM on Sunday. Offer valid while supplies last (more than 5 people would just be excessive, I think), void where prohibited, do not apply directly to open wounds. Don’t bother sending mail about it, just show up tonight to apply and claim your prize.


Every ten years or so, it would seem, I go to “Shakespeare in the Park”:, to see _Twelfth Night. It’s that time of year again, and Martha’s in town for the weekend, so off we go.

It’s been whole minutes since I last saw Aven and Mark, too, so it’ll be good to catch up.

canadian gods

I’d been meaning for quite some time to pick up “American Gods”:, probably since "dan_b": recommended it to me back at some forgotten “conference”: I never seemed to remember when I was actually in a book store — and for all my hip-and-wiredness, I don’t actually buy books online hardly at all ever not really; book purchases are visceral and instantly-gratifying, and must be for all time — so until today I still hadn’t read it.

Today, though, I was reminded to purchase it, when Mr Gaiman himself sat down at the next table while I was eating a lovely Japan Sushi meal. He was being interviewed pretty poorly, IMO — the interviewer asked the same question three times, for example — but he did manage to trigger some piddly royalty on a trade paperback, and I bet he wasn’t buying his own sashimi.