just…just don’t

Tyla and I had colds yesterday, or perhaps we shared one big cold, like we sometimes do with a blanket on the couch when we’re watching television. Only it was less snuggly and more “beh. bluh. ugh.”.

Today Tyla is back at work, researching and teaching and organizing children back to health, or something. I, on the other hand, have upgraded my cold-like symptoms to flu-like symptoms. I’m cancelling meetings, missing birthday celebrations, and apparently having the sort of awesome flu-fever dreams that one usually has to lick a toad for. (As a rule, I don’t remember my dreams, but when I woke up this afternoon the pillows and blanket were feet from the bed, and the cat was sitting in the doorway staring at me. There aren’t a lot of progressions that start with peaceful sleep and end up with that kind of total disarray, to my knowledge.)

So if you need something from me before Monday, please send a new host body. And don’t share a drink with me.

is that the weather up there?

Lots of GDC stuff to blog about still, and the drafts continue, but I picked up a cold at the conference, and am just now getting over it enough to get back up to speed. Thanks, random person at conference!