As Mike and John announced, Mike Schroepfer is going to be moving on from the Mozilla Corporation, and I will be taking over as our interim VP Engineering. It’s impossible to deny that Mike’s absence will be felt, even though Mozilla is the strongest it’s ever been (in no small part due to his leadership and dedication). Thanks, schrep, for everything you’ve given to Mozilla, and to me personally, over the last few years. It has been an honour and a privilege to work alongside you, and it’s the height of flattery to succeed you in the role you’ve defined.

This is obviously a very exciting opportunity for me as well, even though the circumstances make it bittersweet right now. I’m really looking forward to helping our amazing cadre of engineers and engineering managers continue to produce amazing products, and any engineering lead in the world would give an entire collection of limbs for the team we’ve assembled here at Mozilla. Schrep and I are already working on what we expect will be a smooth transition, and this week’s Summit will be a great chance to get everyone synched up.