not exactly the toronto international film festival

When “Chris”: stayed over on Tuesday night, we indulged our shared love for bad movies. I get to slum, in a strictly cinematic sense, with Alasdair from time to time, but poor Chris has pretty much nobody in Boston who will join him in a steaming bowl of mediocre film.

On Tuesday, then, we rented both The Two Towers and Cradle 2 The Grave. Yes, of course, one of these things isn’t at all like the other, don’t belabour the obvious. When we got back to the house we decided that we should watch “C2tG”: rather than TTT precisely because it was the worse movie, and that meant that Chris would never be able to see it back in Boston. (more…)

canadian gods

I’d been meaning for quite some time to pick up “American Gods”:, probably since "dan_b": recommended it to me back at some forgotten “conference”: I never seemed to remember when I was actually in a book store — and for all my hip-and-wiredness, I don’t actually buy books online hardly at all ever not really; book purchases are visceral and instantly-gratifying, and must be for all time — so until today I still hadn’t read it.

Today, though, I was reminded to purchase it, when Mr Gaiman himself sat down at the next table while I was eating a lovely Japan Sushi meal. He was being interviewed pretty poorly, IMO — the interviewer asked the same question three times, for example — but he did manage to trigger some piddly royalty on a trade paperback, and I bet he wasn’t buying his own sashimi.