callin’ all’a y’all

This weekend was already set up to suck a bit.

  • Tyla is away on Valentine’s Day — about which I am not at all angry, I hasten to add, but it does make the house feel a little empty. Turnabout is fair play, I suppose.

  • There’s a major test shot going on at work this weekend in preparation for the release of the best software to ever bear the Lustre name, so I was going to be doing a lot of test watching and wrangling, probably minimal partying.

  • I’m still behind on some work from this week, which I was hoping to cram into the gaps in testing.

But then I found out that some people had got where they shouldn’t have got, and I had to spend 12 hours buying new drives, installing a fresh OS, copying user data and whatnot over after inspecting it for damage, and generally cursing the world.

At least I know what our near-worst-case scenario is for disaster recovery. And we do have more disk space now…

I need a huge frigging drink now.

gold star

“Mike”: gets a cookie for alerting me to a “security hole”: in Movable Type, which makes it possible to send email to anyone through the mt-send-entry.cgi thingy. Reminds me of the bad old days with “formmail”:

I also renamed the comment script to reduce the amount of comment spam we see here. Blah.

Goddamned spammers.

flash mob

This diary, and various other sites hosted on this machine, were experiencing some very slow web service for about 24 hours, for which I offer apologies. See, “Joe”: and (much more significantly) “Nat”: were clever enough to get their sites listed on “OSNews”:, and that resulted in our poor little Apache serverpool getting pretty much stuffed. I’ve moved to its own server pool now, so once the DNS records propagate things should be pretty much back to normal. Many thanks to Dan from “”:, for his unreasonably-quick response to my DNS-update pleas.

settling in

I spent a few more hours today playing with various Movable Type features; mainly cleaning up the absymal default CSS, sorting out the “archives”:, and fixing my RSS feed. Most of the stuff I still want to do falls into the category of “don’t make me edit this in fifty places, you steaming pile”, though there are some archiving limitations that aren’t entirely pleasant.

(I’m also tempted to add some more categories, but then I’d want to go back and reclassify a pile of ancient entries, and that’s just a horrible waste of time. Why am I wired this way?)

I wonder if this thing is at all legible with NS4 anymore. (I also wonder if I still care.)

full-court vanity press

I “threatened”: to switch over to “Movable Type”:, and I wasn’t kidding. I’m not entirely thrilled with some of the template mechanics, but the “handful”: “of”: “plugins”: I’ve installed so far have been both painless and pleasant to use. Not bad for software, really.

I’m even experimenting a little bit with the whole “Extended Entry” thing, for no especially good reason. (more…)

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