No title could be snappy enough

I’m headed home from Madhava and Kate’s ridiculously lovely wedding now, and I’ll freely confess that there’s some basking going on.

It was a tremendously lovely ceremony, followed by a reception that expressed their warmth and style perfectly. And through some colossal lapse in combined judgement, I was invited to be near the centre of it — blessed am I, truly.

I think I may have given the best extemporaneous speech of my life, after discarding most of my prepared thoughts on the way to the mic, and I can’t imagine when I’d have rather played that card. I hope the guests enjoyed listening to it even half as much as I enjoyed giving it, and especially Madhava and Kate themselves. They deserve nothing less than a wedding perfect in execution and sentiment, and as long as I didn’t detract from that I will take some small pride in my small role.

And now I think I’m going to sleep for a week. Hopefully the DJ will stop playing boppy 80s numbers early enough that my wife can join me at brunch tomorrow morning… [tags]madhava, kate, wedding, speech, friends[/tags]

adrenaline withdrawal

Between the frantic reskinning of AMO, the general hubbub of the Firefox 2 release, and then preparing for and delivering my FSOSS keynote, last week was pretty much non-stop adrenaline. I was completely exhausted by Thursday night, to the extent that I actually stayed on campus rather than try to get up Friday morning in time to defeat Toronto traffic for a 9AM keynote slot back up at the Seneca@York campus, but the conference itself was enough of a source of energy that I managed to keep rolling until relatively late in the evening.

Saturday was spent sleeping and traipsing about the city as part of Madhava‘s bachelor party, which was not exactly a meditative exercise itself. Ridiculous fun, of course.

So today I’m feeling pretty weird, I have to say. I’ve been quietly working through my backlog of “deal with this later” stuff — mostly context, but some of it perilously close to core — and letting the novel and welcome sensation of choosing my own next steps wash over and around me. I will readily admit, to the surprise of nobody, that I enjoy the rush of execution and the feeling of making decisions “live”, but I’m really looking forward to spending a few days taking a fresh look at the paths I was on before the explosion of the last 2 weeks. If nothing else, it’ll be nice to have “am I forgetting something important?” downgrade from “certainly” to “possibly” for a while.

And I should do some laundry, too.

I’ll probably — hopefully? — be less present/active in my usual interrupt-driven communication environments for a bit, but if you need me I’m sure you can reach me without too much trouble…