it’s OK, though, we don’t match

The other day, Tyla’s computer — a 2000-era Dell Latitude originally used for my Mozilla consulting — finally progressed from “intermittent reboot” to “drive can’t read operating system, sorry”. It had been some time coming, but we hadn’t really settled on what the replacement would be.

I am a happy Mac user these days, at least to the extent that I can be happy with anything related to computers. When I pitched the glories of the Mac to Tyla a while back, she was somewhat skeptical. She much prefers the eraser-point mouse to a touchpad, thinks the right mouse button to be quite useful, and wasn’t impressed at all with the dock interface. I sympathize with all these things, honestly. Also, she was somewhat spoiled by the 1600×1200 15″ display, which is pretty easy to understand.

We were back in the Apple Store yesterday though, and between the salesguy showing her Dashboard — I swear she wasn’t that excited when I showed it to her, though this guy did have better hair and glasses — and me convincing her that an MBP was both more computer than she needed and more heat than she wanted, she ended up with a bottom-end MacBook, plus a slight RAM boost. They’re still getting to know each other, but I think it’ll turn out well.

She’s already started complaining to me about blurry/smeared text in Firefox, of course. There’s no winning.

now more Pro

My shiny new MacBook Pro has some quirks, that’s for sure. In addition to the odd little whine that MBP owners endure when one of the beefy processors is idle, I have a bum “logic board” (according to a Genius at the Eaton Centre Apple Store) which results in a garbled-video lockup about every third time I unsuspend. If the machine didn’t boot so quickly, that would be a pretty serious suck, but it turns out to be a endurable inconvenience at least for this trip, after which I will send “interociter” to the Mac-vet for a few days to get a transplant.

Also, my “T” key often tries to make a break for it, and has made it as far as the bottom of my laptop bag on one occasion. That’s an easy fix, once I find — or wait for — an Apple service shop with a spare key, but it’s pretty annoying when I’m sitting at whatever angle it is that has me hitting it just right to pop it off. One good way for me to trigger that is “work on aircraft”, whee.

The worst problem, though, has been the heat. Missing a function key press, such as when trying to stab down the sound after clicking a link from IRC, could be actually painful, though I never got any noticeable redness. That problem was resolved, though, by the most recent firmware update, and now I’m a pretty happy camper. Some people will say that it’s turning the fan on more often, and that that should bother me, but I haven’t noticed. And if it’s costing me a percent or two of my CPU power, I’m happy to make the trade. My Firefox builds still have a nice dual-core-plus-fast-memory-and-drive tailwind, and I don’t miss my desktop at all for builds.

Now if I could just trick someone into fixing the build process a bit so that I don’t have to remember to build in browser/app all the time…

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