Logitech G7

I impulsed into Best Buy yesterday on the way back from an entirely wonderful day-or-so at Geneva Park with Dad and Lisa and the girls. I’ve been looking to get a new mouse for some time, as my MX900 is staying charged for shorter and shorter periods of time, and my charging discipline is not really all that exceptional. Vlad gtalked me through some comparisons of the Logitech G7 and MX1000 mice, and I settled on the G7. Glad I did!

It has a pair of batteries, so one can always be charged, and changing them is painless; it doesn’t require an external power supply, and can even charge (slowly) off of an unpowered USB hub; it’s light and comfortable in the hand; the RF transmitter/receiver widget is basically a little USB key that plugs into the passthrough port on the (smallish, pleasant-looking) charger — or can be quickly popped into another machine to use the mouse there, without dragging the base around or fiddling with Bluetooth pairings. And while I thought that the adjustable DPI buttons were just a gimmick, I’ve found that being able to switch between fine control and quick movements is quite nice for fiddling with diagrams and targetting pixelated fauna. Deb has had some trouble getting her G7 to work with a Mac, but mine fell in love with my MBP at first sight, including the side-scrolling and extra (some might say “excess”) buttons.

So basically this is the wireless mouse that I would have designed, if I were as good at designing solutions as I am at enumerating problems. You can take that as either an endorsement or a cautionary note, as you choose.

Then Vlad told me it was about half the price at Newegg, which is not something that a true friend would have done.