google should acquire google

Been playing around with some googlebits lately, like Google Reader, and I also noticed the other day that the big G is publishing a newsletter for librarians. (A wise move, says I, but that’s another post entirely.)

Both those things are OK, nothing really special but nothing embarrassing either. Except!

I can’t use Google Reader to search the posts in my subscription list, and there is no way (google group, RSS, anything that I can see) to actually subscribe to the Google Librarian News!


(I’m also trying out this performancing extension, but talking too much about my findings there would be very very close to work, and this is a vacation week, dammit.)

(Regret the error: nemo points out in a comment that there is indeed a “subscribe” link at the bottom of the Librarian News. I got nuthin’.)

getting my brag on

On Monday morning I flew to California for a workshop and a bevy of meetings, as I do on a fair number of Monday mornings lately. While I was in a meeting Monday afternoon, my wife was busy buying us a house. She was ably assisted by our great agent and the inestimably friendly other Mike, but I was tremendously proud that she was able to juggle the large sums of money, competitive bidding strategy, myriad paperwork and general waiting-and-wondering without missing a beat. If ever you have to buy a house while travelling, I highly recommend her services. (That link to will probably rot relatively quickly; I’ll have to get Madhava to take some photos of the new place to replace it.)

On Tuesday, she put all that behind her, donned her Super Librarian hat, and taught a few hundred lucky U of T med students about how to properly search, research, and I suppose reresearch, as part of their Determinants of Community Health class. By all accounts — admittedly, relayed through a somewhat giddy Tyla — she did a bang-up job, which of course surprises nobody but possibly her. And all that on what some might consider to be rather short notice.

I couldn’t be prouder, I have to say. And she’s all mine! Nyah-nyah.