Arigatou gozaimasu

The Firefox Developers Conference here in Tokyo is, simply, amazing. We have more than 150 people here, it’s very well-organized, and the simultaneous translation is basically a form of black magic. They apparently even did a great job with my keynote, and since my speed-talking is the sort of thing that translators use to scare their children into bed at night, I think you can perhaps appreciate how impressed I am. I’m hungry and tired, but the presentations have been well worth the long day. Mark and Justin did great presentations, and there have been some excellent discussions about AMO, extension localization, documentation, FUEL, and many other topics.

Also: I started to use Flickr to gather my photos from this trip, including some pictures from our trip to Tsukiji. I’m pretty pleased with my new camera, which does a pretty good job of hiding photographic incompetence.

my hovercraft is entirely full of eels

I arrived in Tokyo yesterday afternoon, as did Mark and Justin, and while I can’t speak for them, I have been spending most of my waking time just absorbing the sheer awesomeness of the place. I’ve never been anywhere before where I didn’t have at least a basic, grasping-for-comprehension ability to decipher the language, so it’s an entirely new level of foreign, and I’m loving it. It’s sort of like being in Star Wars, so far.

Yesterday we deciphered the train system and the multi-terminal nature of Narita to get to the hotel, and were then treated to some most righteous shabu-shabu by Gen and Kaori, so the visit is definitely off on the right foot. I mostly travel with my stomach, as some better writer than me once said, and Japanese cuisine is one of my favourites in the world.

In about 10 minutes, which is to say at a mere five and quarter hours after midnight, Justin and Gen and I will be departing to Tsukiji, to look at a huge amount of fish and the commerce that surrounds them. I’m already a little hungry, so things could get a bit grisly! (Vanity Fair has a good article about Tsukiji if you find the Wikipedia one a little dry.)

Once we’re done at Tsukiji, and have changed and showered and perhaps breakfasted, we have a pretty wild day ahead of us of meeting journalists and partners, and preparing for tomorrow’s highly-anticipated Developer Conference, at which I will try to morph my metaphor-heavy, rapid-fire style of presentation into something that will not cause the translators and/or audience to strangle me on stage. I’m excited!