The Ocho

8 years ago today, I woke up bright and early to help publish the first source release of what would eventually “become” Mozilla and then Firefox. I don’t really remember what I expected to come of it, if anything specific, but even I would have been hard-pressed to predict anything as interesting and rewarding as what I’m in the middle of today.

Some of the people active in our world today were part of the initial crew behind that release, including brendan, dmose, and mitchell — though she wasn’t yet staff, and likely didn’t know what she was getting into either! Many, many more, though, have come to devote their energies to the project whose source code seed “went public” back then, and whether they jumped in on April 1, 1998 or March 10th, 2006, their contributions have been, and remain, essential to the character, success, and excitement of Mozilla.

I have Big Plans for how I want to contribute to making the next 8 years of Mozilla even more astonishing, and on that topic I will — must — write more, but right now I’ll admit that I’m happy to while away the rest of this flight smiling to myself about what we’ve done so far. [tags]mozilla,history[/tags]