why update add-ons now?

With Firefox 3 still a couple of months away, it would seem reasonable to wonder why we’re encouraging add-on developers to get their add-ons updated for Firefox 3 already. For most add-on developers, it will indeed be a pretty quick process to update to the new chrome layout, a new API or two, and test it out, but we want people to start on that process now nonetheless. There are two reasons for this, in my mind:

  • The kinds of people who test our betas and give us great feedback are the kinds of people who have a bunch of extensions installed, and not having their favourite extensions work makes it much less pleasant for them to do in-depth testing.
  • If there is a hard problem found when updating an add-on, we want to know about things we can do on the Firefox side to make it easier, in time for those changes to safely get into the release stream. Waiting until the Firefox RCs are out would mean that we have a lot, lot less room to maneuver when it comes to resolving any problems found.

So please, take a moment to start updating your add-on this weekend, and let us know if you need help. Operators, in the Special Forces sense, are standing by.