Arigatou gozaimasu

The Firefox Developers Conference here in Tokyo is, simply, amazing. We have more than 150 people here, it’s very well-organized, and the simultaneous translation is basically a form of black magic. They apparently even did a great job with my keynote, and since my speed-talking is the sort of thing that translators use to scare their children into bed at night, I think you can perhaps appreciate how impressed I am. I’m hungry and tired, but the presentations have been well worth the long day. Mark and Justin did great presentations, and there have been some excellent discussions about AMO, extension localization, documentation, FUEL, and many other topics.

Also: I started to use Flickr to gather my photos from this trip, including some pictures from our trip to Tsukiji. I’m pretty pleased with my new camera, which does a pretty good job of hiding photographic incompetence.