paging the marquess of queensberry

I haven’t used my desktop’s browser in at least 10 days, but this morning I found a tab holding a video archive of a panel of interesting folk, including Mitchell and some folk. (One of the unexpected joys of Firefox 2′s session restore feature has been, for me, these link trails that last weeks. I really have no idea how I got to that page, though I suspect it involved metacool.)

Lots of interesting tidbits in there, but one that really resonated with me was from Bob Sutton: “[it's] not a good idea to tell [ students] not to fight, we just have to teach them how to fight, which is actually a lot harder”. I think that figuring out how to embrace and manage productive conflict in our wacky Mozilla world is a major challenge and opportunity for us, made all the harder because of our typically disconnected communication and the sheer scale of our community. Silver bullets welcome, of course!