don’t call it a comeback

Apparently Fox has seen something resembling the light, and they’re now considering “bringing back Family Guy”: 35 frickin’ episodes!

As if that weren’t sweet enough, it looks like “these guys”: are remaking “Stunts”:


Dell both “sucks”: and “rules”: Discuss.

please use small words and the present tense

I subscribe to a game-development algorithms list, the messages of which typically bounce right off my minimal mathematical skills. An example, if you will permit:

A linear transformation T, from a vector-space to itself, need not have a non-zero null-space (ie, it is not injective), or it might not be onto (it, it is not surjective; the range of T does not equal the codomain itself).

Yes, exactly so. Sometimes there are discussions on topics other than computational geometry and the sorts of manipulations to which a gentleman does not subject a matrix, and when that happens I’m glad to contribute what little I can.

Anyway, this week a message floated by which drew my attention to a great page “about the perception of colour”:, and I thought I’d share it with you. I haven’t had time to read it all, but what I did get through I found to be fascinating. Perhaps you will also find it fascinating, which would be a sweet reward indeed for reading another handful of paragraphs of my questionable prose.

spot of trouble

Chelsea, dear, if I’m “grounded in the realities of today’s world”, we are all so very doomed. But I don’t think you’re unnecessarily evil, for whatever record these sorts of things are for.

(Game over, man! Game over!)

you are here

I’m pleased to read that “Chelsea”: was “entertained”: by quislibet’s “translation”:, and further pleased that she located “a second verse”: I live to serve.

She was also kind enough to return the diversionary favour, in a rather more high-brow manner, with a link to “this political compass questionnaire”: (more…)

old school

“This”: is mainly for Aven and Mark, but also for George and Alasdair and Tyla and Jack (wherever he might be).

coming soon to a risks digest near you

Don’t get me wrong, now: I’m a big fan of automation, especially when it comes to “error-prone, tedious and mechanical tasks”: I just wonder if and when this “admittedly-cool self-parking car”: will show up alongside other classic examples of “misguided electric vehicles”:

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