it’s full of bits

Deb’s excellent post about Firefox 3′s bookmarking system hit Digg today, on our shared server, which reminded me that I needed to install some WordPress caching software.

big network spike around 9AM Eastern

No sweat; wp-super-cache, I thank you.

failure is not an option

There’s a great writeup over on Matasano (home of many a great writeup) about how a supergenius hacker was able to exploit a NULL pointer coming out of malloc failure to run arbitrary code in Flash. This is interesting to Mozilla in part because a lot of our users have Flash installed, but also specially interesting to me because we’re working with Adobe to converge on a common, high-performance scripting engine for both JavaScript-as-she-is-written-today and ECMAScript future. I’m actually in Boston tomorrow to work with some Mozillians to map out the next interim milestone on our way to JS2 and Tamarin.

As part of the same general effort, known as “Mozilla 2″, we’re also going to be changing how we do memory allocation, so that — just as Thomas recommendsout of memory is a hard-stop failure, rather than an opportunity for a clever (or, as in this case, hyper-clever) exploit to take hold.

Of course, in a system as large as ours, you don’t want to do it all by hand, so we’ll be using static analysis tools to identify and rewrite our code mechanically. This will give us better performance from less computer time spent checking allocation results, reduced code complexity from less human time spent reading through tedious failure-handling code, and protection against a large class of potential attacks. That’s a pretty nice set of things to get in one package.

this’ll be fun

Only a few weeks after Claire made it abundantly clear that she was interested in being more than a spectator when it came to solid food, we finally went out today and purchased a highchair in which to begin the grand experiment. We actually ended up using a Bumbo (as made famous in Chris’ desk baby photos) and sitting with Claire on the floor, but I’m sure I’ll be assembling that chair tomorrow. She was quite enthusiastic about the process, even when she was just playing with the spoon while Tyla decided how thick a mixture it should be, and ate all that we prepared — perhaps 1 tsp of rice cereal powder in 2 tbsp of formula? It’s an art, not a science.

Afterward, I gave her a bath, because rice cereal is pretty sticky. Who knew?

blizzard + polvi = shaver

blizzard + polvi = me. Who’s next?