Ten years ago today I was fortunate enough to participate in a tremendous event: the release of the Netscape Communicator source code as the first Mozilla source drop. Mitchell has posted a great summary of the past ten years, and I’m sure there will be many tales of woe and glory recounted over the course of the day, but I wanted to take a quick moment, before heading to the office to get ready for a special 10th Anniversary edition of Air Mozilla Live, to say thanks to a couple of people, thereby ensuring that I give incredible offense to those I miss in my rush.

Thanks to Mitchell and Brendan for being my Mozilla mentors, and helping me learn an immense amount over the last decade about how code, people, law, and mission intersect. Thanks to Frank Hecker for seeing an opportunity to maximize where all around him saw risk to mitigate. Thanks to Alan Cox, Miguel de Icaza and others for holding my hand during my first forays into open source, long before I would ever have a chance to make my own small mark on that world. Thanks to Brendan and Clayton for bringing me to Netscape, and for supporting my pre-Mozilla push to make the JS engine open source; I was pleased to be overtaken by events.

Thanks to the hundreds of friends and thousands of colleagues I’ve gained over the past decade — a third of my life! — who have made this ride go, and who have made it wonderful.

I’ll admit that I’m a little verklempt right now.

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