that’s when I shoot the water cannon

Taras-and-company’s ridiculous progress continues apace, in pursuit of tools to let us master — rather than be mastered by — the scale and…uniqueness of our codebase. One great milestone is the addition of build-time static checking to the mozilla2 build process. If the enforcement opportunities presented by static-checking.js are insufficient, then this guy in Atlanta may have something to help us.

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  1. entered 10 March 2008 @ 6:47 am

    The best CM tools ever (not just my opinion, either, but the opinion of those of us who used them while employed there and have been exposed to many others since) were the home-grown set at two telecom equipment manufacturers with whom I was employed in the ’80′s and ’90′s.

    They were created, and progressively improved as he moved on, by someone I worked with at the second enterprise who eventually started a company to make available to more enterprises as a commercially available set of tools the latest in the evolution of these excellent CM/SW Project Management tools.

    I could expound at length on the unique set of abilities his tool paradigm – the result of the requirements of developing reliable switching software – possess that make sense and contribute to the sanity (and quality) of mission critical software projects, but not here, and not now.

    I strongly suggest taking a peek at the company’s web site, though:

  2. entered 13 March 2008 @ 7:41 am

    I took a quick look, but I didn’t see any static analysis stuff there. Is it separate from their CM offerings?

  3. entered 15 March 2008 @ 1:56 am

    Ah, probably not specifically. I was responding more to the “pursuit of tools to let us master — rather than be mastered by — the scale and…uniqueness of our codebase” part of the post.

    What I am almost positive about, but will have to check (and I’ll tell you why that is interesting to me privately), is that their toolset does support triggers that enforce the existence of, status of, other artifacts. Such as – compilation without warnings, etc, etc. So, enforcing a ‘pass’ on static checking should be possible.

    It’s been a while since I was involved in configuring and supporting the toolset and since then they have, I have heard, been busy with improvements and enhancements. Recently I have been told there are some new updates coming to their web site that will better represent the latest round of improvements.

    FWIW: this is the paradigm upon which the culture and processes that enabled the team with the most rewarding project (yes, that one!) of my career to be and do what they were and did.