not that I was counting or anything

Last Wednesday morning, we were informed that a bug in Quicktime could be used to send untrusted code to a part of Firefox that didn’t expect it. Today, Firefox has been released for your updating pleasure. Seven Six-and-a-quarter days, by my math, including two and a half days of baking on the update-beta channel after our dedicated QA team signed off. Just sayin’.

(While I’m sayin’, though: hats — I will need some parallel haberdashery for this — off to the QA and release-driver folk, and especially to the build team who saw their hard work on automation really pay off huge for us, and for our many, many millions of users.)

Update: a toast!

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  1. RichB
    entered 19 September 2007 @ 1:10 am

    But the vulnerability this time around was something you missed while fixing a previous vulnerability. This tells me the previous fix wasn’t baked enough.

    Which tells me that 7 days may be all it took but as with previous patches, this may prove to be premature.

  2. entered 24 September 2007 @ 7:35 pm

    [...] Full disclaimer, while this fast turnaround kept Mike Shaver happy, it was not yet a “human free” release. We hit 4 issues, which required manual intervention: [...]