a seedcamp fly-by

A quirk of scheduling led to a mixed blessing of travel last week. On the bright side, I got to be Mozilla’s representative at Seedcamp, where I acted as a mentor and spoke on a panel about using APIs to build products and businesses. On the less bright side, I was only to be there for a single day (13 hours on the ground in London, as it were) — during a Tube strike — as I was scheduled to be in Baton Rouge the next afternoon for a pair of speaking engagements.

I had an excellent time, and found the mentoring format and conversations to be especially engaging. The businesses aren’t all ones that I’d be interested in working on, but some were very much up my alley, and the entrepreneurs’ energy was quite infectious. They seemed to be making the most of a fantastic opportunity, and it was both a pleasure and honour to participate. Maybe they’ll invite me back for the whole event next year!

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  1. entered 11 September 2007 @ 10:25 am

    Hey Mike. I think the excitement among the mentors was pretty inspirational too. I think the API panel was one of the best of the whole week (as was mentioned by a few teams), I think next year they’ll invite more people from a technical background as this year the focus seemed to be more on business / investment.

    Thanks for your advice during the mentoring sessions – ed.

  2. entered 12 September 2007 @ 4:08 am

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for your time at Seedcamp, both your panel session and the mentoring.

    Apparently the 2012 Olympic triathlon will involve crossing London on three modes of public transport. Im sorry you had to endure it with a strike on.

    And thanks for reminding me of the erlang quote “It imparts the pleasant feeling of having your brains smashed out by a large gold brick wrapped with a slice of lemon”.