vegas, baby

Back at the Boston DevDay in March, Window asked me if I’d be interested in speaking with her at Black Hat. Just as I would if Tony Hawk asked if I’d like to hit the half-pipe with him, I agreed enthusiastically, and the fruit of that agreement — and Window’s patience as co-speaker and designated grown-up — will be available this Thursday, when we present Building and Breaking the Browser at this year’s Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas. Window will be talking about how process, product design and tools all help us build a more secure product, and how those techniques and strategies can help others make their own software more secure. Jesse will, I believe, be demonstrating one of his killer tools. I’ll be wondering why I stayed at our most chill party until the early morning when I knew I had to be on stage at 10AM, and trying to not make it totally obvious that I’m the dumbest guy in the room.

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