Happy New Resig!

Hot, or at least warm, on the heels of our addition of Mark Finkle to the Mozilla Corporation developer relations team, I am pleased as punch to announce that John Resig is sidling up beside Mark to add some more firepower to our developer support capabilities. John is an accomplished writer of both code and prose, and seems pretty fired up about putting those twin gifts to work in service of developers, add-on and web-stuff both. He’s jresig on IRC, and as with Mark and Sheppy you’ll see his fingerprints all over our developer support story in the weeks and months to come.

John’s first day was yesterday, but I was still clinging to the last fleeting hours of my Christmas vacation, so I’m a little late with this announcement. He appears to already be drinking ably from the Mozilla fire-hose, and scheming away with Mark on various plots for web domination, so my tardiness seems to not have impaired him too much!

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