paging the marquess of queensberry

I haven’t used my desktop’s browser in at least 10 days, but this morning I found a tab holding a video archive of a panel of interesting folk, including Mitchell and some folk. (One of the unexpected joys of Firefox 2′s session restore feature has been, for me, these link trails that last weeks. I really have no idea how I got to that page, though I suspect it involved metacool.)

Lots of interesting tidbits in there, but one that really resonated with me was from Bob Sutton: “[it's] not a good idea to tell [ students] not to fight, we just have to teach them how to fight, which is actually a lot harder”. I think that figuring out how to embrace and manage productive conflict in our wacky Mozilla world is a major challenge and opportunity for us, made all the harder because of our typically disconnected communication and the sheer scale of our community. Silver bullets welcome, of course!

No title could be snappy enough

I’m headed home from Madhava and Kate’s ridiculously lovely wedding now, and I’ll freely confess that there’s some basking going on.

It was a tremendously lovely ceremony, followed by a reception that expressed their warmth and style perfectly. And through some colossal lapse in combined judgement, I was invited to be near the centre of it — blessed am I, truly.

I think I may have given the best extemporaneous speech of my life, after discarding most of my prepared thoughts on the way to the mic, and I can’t imagine when I’d have rather played that card. I hope the guests enjoyed listening to it even half as much as I enjoyed giving it, and especially Madhava and Kate themselves. They deserve nothing less than a wedding perfect in execution and sentiment, and as long as I didn’t detract from that I will take some small pride in my small role.

And now I think I’m going to sleep for a week. Hopefully the DJ will stop playing boppy 80s numbers early enough that my wife can join me at brunch tomorrow morning… [tags]madhava, kate, wedding, speech, friends[/tags]