it’s OK, though, we don’t match

The other day, Tyla’s computer — a 2000-era Dell Latitude originally used for my Mozilla consulting — finally progressed from “intermittent reboot” to “drive can’t read operating system, sorry”. It had been some time coming, but we hadn’t really settled on what the replacement would be.

I am a happy Mac user these days, at least to the extent that I can be happy with anything related to computers. When I pitched the glories of the Mac to Tyla a while back, she was somewhat skeptical. She much prefers the eraser-point mouse to a touchpad, thinks the right mouse button to be quite useful, and wasn’t impressed at all with the dock interface. I sympathize with all these things, honestly. Also, she was somewhat spoiled by the 1600×1200 15″ display, which is pretty easy to understand.

We were back in the Apple Store yesterday though, and between the salesguy showing her Dashboard — I swear she wasn’t that excited when I showed it to her, though this guy did have better hair and glasses — and me convincing her that an MBP was both more computer than she needed and more heat than she wanted, she ended up with a bottom-end MacBook, plus a slight RAM boost. They’re still getting to know each other, but I think it’ll turn out well.

She’s already started complaining to me about blurry/smeared text in Firefox, of course. There’s no winning.

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