I kinda sorta tried to follow along with the talk about Mozilla Prototypes yesterday, but the webcast wasn’t happening, and so I just kinda had my own little brainstorm. It was fun.

I think the name needs work, though, and I really like Deb’s idea of “Mutations”. Not all of them survive, but you get this mix of ideas and inputs and pleasant craziness and a reasonable expectation that, yeah, did I mention that not all of them work?

Also, we could have an awesome comic-book theme for the site!


Super Power
Eidetic recall, and can predict what you’re just about to look for next.
Secret Identity
The mild-mannered Bookmarks Menu.

I wonder what Bryan Singer is up to…

one comment to “mutations”

  1. Amos
    entered 29 June 2006 @ 4:28 pm

    I had a quick look and agree that Mutations would be a better name. Not only for the reasons you suggest, but also because Prototypes doesn’t, to me anyway, imply the multitude of contributed alternatives that the project seems to be encouraging. Prototypes sounds too well thought out and goal oriented… they are usually the product of one team working towards one outcome. It makes it sound like you would be downloading something that was in some way sanctioned by the team, just not ready yet. The word mutations captures the unexpected/unanticipated community contributions a bit better.

    Anyway… the idea of having an obvious home for the new and different variants is cool. :)