Writing this as wind through Heathrow’s Terminal 1 in search of a power adapter and maaaaaaaybe some scotch. Vlad and I are flying through to Amsterdam today, to join 30 or so of our closest colleagues and collaborators for a week at XTech. Should be an exciting week, and not having signed up to do a talk this year means I can relax a tiny bit more. This year Mozilla’s conference guests include one of the key players in our emerging and exciting partnership with Seneca College, one of the leading lights from the AJAX toolkit world, the architect of the amazing Seaside and DabbleDB systems, a grad student working on formal aspects of the upcoming ES4/JS2 language, a Venkman hacker, and one of our most prolific and capable technical-QA contributors. Their participation and unique perspectives are icing on the rich and delicious XTech cake, perhaps, but I sure do like me some icing. (I could tell you that I’m not linking to the appropriate pages to identify the aforementioned folk out of respect for their privacy or something, but really it’s because finding those links sucks when I’m working on the Blackberry.)

Vlad didn’t manage to sleep on our red-eye from Toronto (he came to visit for a week or so, taking advantage of the fallout from some truly arcane travel arrangements he made around Christmas), so I’ve tucked him away in the BMI Lounge — excuse me, “bmi diamond club” — to relax and rest.

Of course, once I’d gone into the BMI lounge area, I could only return to the main shopping/eating/speaking-in-adorable-accents area by going through the Flight Connections security line, again, which is not really how I’d like to spend these 20 mins of our layover. Ah well, truly a hard knock life. (I’m completely certain, at this point, that the ban on photography in this area serves no security purpose, but is instead in place to avoid people knowing how grisly it is before they book their flights to connect through LHR.)

After Amsterdam, Vlad and Stuart and I will head to Serbia (Belgrade and Yagodina, if I’m not mistaken) for a week of semi-vacation. I’m really looking forward to it, and have been learning a bit of Serbian in preparation. More about that part later, though, as I’m just about to get to the scanning-my-stuff part of this adventure in queuing.

3 comments to “Transit”

  1. entered 14 May 2006 @ 1:39 pm

    Is your Blackberry missing a colon key? ;)

  2. entered 14 May 2006 @ 11:19 pm

    No, but my handy little autotext macro for the markdown link syntax apparently was. Thanks, fixed!

  3. Gijs
    entered 15 May 2006 @ 7:13 am

    Hey Mike,

    Just thought I’d mention that Andy Smith, Ryan King and a bunch of other cool folks (and me, hopefully) will be having a drink at Cafe de Jaren (Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-22, Amsterdam), at about 8pm today. Would be cool to meet you there, if you can make it.

    Cheers, and I’ll probably see you at XTech tomorrow, hopefully :-)

    – Gijs