shavermedia microupdate

Point the first: my KCBS nanointerview is online now, lemme know how obvious it is that I had just woken up.

Point the second: a Red Herring interview I did some time ago (a surreal blend of hard-hitting in-depth journalism about security and competitive threats, and fluff questions about my favourite childhood toys, I must say) is now webified as well. The highlight, for me, is the photo; Vlad obviously performed some ILM-grade special effects. And the Red Herring seems to have done their own, simultaneously scaling it down and making it blockier. Guess it looked better in print, though I’ve never seen it to be sure.

Can’t say I really like the way my answers came out, though the fact that they don’t use quote marks does, I suppose, give them license to chop and slice. If you’ve heard me speak extemporaneously, let alone in a press setting, you’ll probably recognize that voice and style as not quite mine.

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  1. entered 8 December 2005 @ 1:13 pm

    Hi Mike,

    Were we talking at TorCamp? I’ve lost your card, and of course confusingly enough, there were two Mozilla Mikes there. Send me an e-mail please.

    Regards, etc… David

  2. entered 17 December 2005 @ 7:30 pm

    Well said. I’m all agree with you ;).