laws of identity

This is the first — perhaps second — in what I expect will be a long-ish series exploring some of my thinking behind what the “identity strategy” for Mozilla should look like. Not necessarily what the strategy will be, but what problems it needs to solve, and how the values of the project are reflected in the choices that we face.

If you are new to the modern discussion of “digital identity”, you might find some useful discussion of the issues and stakes here in Kim Cameron’s “Laws of Identity”. Kim’s captured a lot of good thinking from himself and others, and I think it’s a solid basis for discussing the differences between identity systems (or, as is the more fashionable thing these days, identity metasystems — but that’s another post).

So that’s my plan! I finally feel like I have a handle on enough of this stuff to start sharing it without being totally incoherent, and so I will try.

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  1. asko
    entered 30 August 2005 @ 3:44 am

    In case you are interested what universities on USA and on some parts of Europe are doing in identity field:

    Shibboleth Project