No manual entry for raidhotadd

The machine I host this blog and various other things (like, you know, my mail) on had some trouble recently, probably related to the hydro-vault fire in Toronto a few days ago.

I replaced one drive, one motherboard, and two IDE cables. She seems happier now. Thanks to the EI Catalyst guys for their help and above-the-call support. (They’re much cooler than their web site would have you believe.)

Now, to catch up on the 5 hours of work I missed wranging with this silly thing.

one comment to “No manual entry for raidhotadd”

  1. entered 24 August 2005 @ 2:00 am

    You continue to rock the Kazbah, Mike. When you retire I’m sure you’ll be glad for the distraction of working on neon/erasmus/whatever we’re dealing with now.

    Cheers, George