All Foo’d Up

I was supposed to fly to SFO today, to spend the weekend at Foo Camp. In fact, I guess I still am supposed to fly to SFO, since the last flight isn’t scheduled to leave for 4 hours. But between a stomach bug that had me up all night and is still plaguing me — I’ll spare you the details — and the recently-declared tornado warning for Toronto, I’m thinking that I’m not going anywhere.

If both the external and internal weather clear up in time, I suppose I’d crash with Vlad and drive up in the morning, but I’m not feeling very optimistic. (Ignoring the fact that I haven’t actually asked Vlad yet.)

Update: Madhava has a candid of the weather where he works, at the north end of the city. Good times!

one comment to “All Foo’d Up”

  1. Vlad Vukicevic
    entered 19 August 2005 @ 5:18 pm

    Heh, I’m sure there’s some kind of “Living in the Internet Age” joke that can be made about the fact that I first saw your potential request to stay with me on planet.m.o… but yes, if you can tolerate a disasterously dirty apartment, that works. Judging by Madhava’s photo though I won’t hold my breath..