Saturday and Sunday were spent driving to Ottawa, getting our mad visitation on in Ottawa, and then driving back. Sunday evening found us at Dad’s in Markham, enjoying the pool, shade, and BBQ to the limit imposed by local authorities.

After the driving and swimming, I was a little stiff when I woke up yesterday morning. It was nothing serious, though, so I had to make sure it became serious by playing the first Ultimate game of the season last night with but a single sub.

We had a great time, and also won, but this morning found me more than a little stiff. Quite a bit more than a little stiff. “When did my desk get to be so far away from my bed?” stiff.

The stretching and Vitamin I have returned me to service, though, so I’m off to get lunch, and then, well, then I help Madhava and Kate move into their nifty new apartment, or something.

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