sons without borders

I’m headed to Ottawa in a few hours to assist in a very indirect and hovering-nearby way with Mom’s neck surgery. I will probably be online from there in bursts and spurts until my return Friday.

I suspect that I’ll be looking for food and company on Thursday evening, once all the dust has settled, so Ottawans should feel free to call me (647.296.1922) and, uh, have me likely not answer because I’ll be in the hospital. Ah well. I’m sure we can sort something out.

Updates: * Thursday, as Geoff points out, is Chu Shing night. I think I’m likely to be there. * I may be very receptive to offers of lodging for Wednesday night, as mom’s new apartment is Very Wee. Worst case, I have fond memories of Arc. * I am sorry that I hurt Planet when I forced an RDF rebuild.