foiled again

Apparently, I have recently been informed, a fair bit of mail that I’ve sent since last Friday as not been reaching its intended recipients. Not all of it, though! Baffling, and at first I thought I’d screwed up the mail system when I was resuscitating the machine on which it is hosted. Nobody else has seen this problem, though, and the logs pretty clearly indicate that my outbound mail wasn’t being seen by that mail server in the first place, so it didn’t really even have a chance to screw me up.

Turns out that I managed to mangle my Thunderbird, in the course of wild and reckless hacking on it for my own purposes, to set it into “offline-send” mode while retaining the ability to pull in new mail. So there were quite a few choice morsels of communication sitting in my Unsent Messages folder, wounding my very soul in their now-untimeliness.

(I say “were”, because that folder is now largely empty because of a follow-on screwup involving the order of the arguments to the “cp” command. At least I have the indecipherable summary database left to help me track it down!)

Some of them in there made it through, probably according to whatever hacking I was doing on my tbird build at the time, so I’ll be poring over log files to figure out which ones are missing later today. If you haven’t heard from me about something you were expecting to, well, you’re probably used to that now, but resending your request might not be a horrible plan.

(I know I’m way behind on the things I wanted to post about before, too. I don’t want to hear about it right now.)


So, yeah, 28 today. Perfect number!

Beltzner and Madhava have arranged for a location of celebration. (See extended entry.)

If you think you’d like to be there, you should feel welcome to show up. If you bring a gift, you risk having me berate you.

Want to celebrate my birthday in another way? Perhaps you have some sort of neurological damage which makes you want to give incredibly fortunate people like me gifts, just for playing the safe life expectancy odds?

Do something nice today for someone. Go a little out of your way. If it’s someone you don’t usually like that much, all the better. Or maybe a total stranger. Feel free to comment below with stories of such things, but also feel free to just quietly make the world a little nicer today.

If you feel utterly compelled to spend money, Covenant House would love to hear from you.


a damn shame

Yeah, I’ve been slacking pretty hard on this web-log front. Lots of reasons, none of them very good. I’m hoping to get back on the horse a little bit now — I had, in fact, hoped to do so yesterday — so we’ll see if I have any readers left!

Some stuff I’d like to write about over the next week or so: * Lightning, a project I’m leading to stick Sunbird and Thunderbird in some sort of rigorously engineered software blender. * My work to make Mono talk to XPCOM, recently landed in the Mozilla tree in hopes of tricking roc into largely taking it over. * Some upcoming speaking engagements, confirmed and tentative, so that you can figure out where to catch a nap at various exciting conferences. * Some thoughts on software security, user protection, code auditing and “blame management” which will likely reveal how naive I continue to be about these things. * How you should properly observe my upcoming birthday, regardless of geography or relationship. * My most excellent Christmas vacation. * Why I’m going to the Game Developers Conference again this year, even though nobody has ever paid me a dime to work on a game, and won’t in the foreseeable future. (It’s probably not what you think.)

Or, you know, I could just disappear again, under the weight of my own mounting ambition and inability to manage my time. Were I you, I’d place bets very carefully, if at all.