deja vu

Hrm. I’m very tempted to go to Ottawa this weekend for Lisgar’s 160th. I wasn’t expecting this.

(I’m even tempted to contribute to the auditorium renovations, which also baffles me. I guess I did have some good times there.)

a short course in gluttony

Mike asked about restaurants in Montreal, which is a topic that could quite honestly occupy a scholar of consumption for the better part of their career. Here, however, are some personal suggestions, all within walking or short-metro-ride distance of downtown:

  • Globe. Pricy, swanky, models-as-waitstaff, excellent food. We ate there a fair bit when we were living the high life at Zero Knowledge, even though there was never a time at which I really felt hip enough to visit. Rosalie is a similar place, run by the same guy, but has marginally less-awesome food and a decently-sized patio. The patio might be tricky to get a table on if the weather is nice, except that my sister works as a hostess there, so let me know, Hoye, if you want a little fraternal string-pulling done. (Rosalie also has The Torte in its dessert list, which was not the case any more at Globe when last I was there. Not to be missed, no matter how full you think you are.)

  • Milsa. Imagine a plane of hell created especially for vegetarians with small stomachs. A crew of enthusiastic Latin men will bring meat to your table, on swords, until you beg them to stop. The meat is very tasty, the sides are quite serviceable, the capirinhas are nicely made, and there is often a little show put on by some sort of dancing folk. I do not recommend combining this with a large lunch, or any sort of footrace.

  • Santropol. Great sandwiches, near the foot of the mountain. The service is often slow, but some take-out from there is a fantastic way to create an instant picnic. The sandwiches are large. Arlene may only want half of one, but I’m sure you can figure out what to do with the rest. The chili is also very good.

  • Lezvos. I found this place totally by accident when I was still commuting from Toronto to Montreal for ZKS, and fell utterly in love. It’s a little Greek seafood place with very reasonable prices, incredible food, and staff that make you feel like you were adopted. If you go, tell them that Shaver says hello, and that I’ll try to be back there soon!

There’s a great sushi place on Bishop just north of Rene-Levesque whose name I can’t recall to mind right now. I guess that’s not so helpful.

There are other places too, but I guess I should ask what sort of food/restaurant you’re looking for before I continue on my litany. We haven’t really even touched the whole French-Bistro scene, for example.

time and materials

I’m in Montreal today, talking about calendar protocols with some Oracle co-workers and Lisa from OSAF. I don’t know a lot about calendaring, but I know a little bit about what makes adoption easier or harder for open source clients, and I’m learning a fair bit here.

After a nice long meeting, which in turn followed a 7:30 AM flight, I was starting to flag a bit, so Lisa and I took a nice hike on the mountain and talked about the joys of open-source project management.

Now, to dinner.

actually, let’s not dismiss the frontal lobotomy out of hand

After a successful inaugural meeting of the Mozilla Technical Advisory Group, Nat and I decided to hit the city, and ended up, of course, at DNA Lounge with Jamie and Angela and Toshok and others. Whereupon Jamie tried to kill me through my liver, and appears to have only barely failed. Getting to my 1PM flight was quite the adventure.

I did have a pretty good time, but I feel I should apologize to the cab driver who took us back to Jamie’s at — I dunno, 6? I hope we tipped you well.

a knife at a tank battle

Seth Nickell‘s a decent guy, and I think his insights on the design process are often deserving of careful consideration.

But when it comes to analysis of patent risks for various technologies, he is very much out of his league.

I have lots of thoughts about the Mono patent issue, and I will share them here in more detail once I finish up with my responsibilities for this week. I think that Nat highlights the most common failing of critical thinking in this debate, though: there is no “safe” choice, and I have not heard any compelling arguments to make me believe that any of the proposed alternatives are any safer. Certainly, the oft-trumpted Java — into which Red Hat is piling quite a bit of money — is not free of patent concerns, and the key patent issues in the next 5 years are going to be application-level ones, IMO.

I am not, of course, speaking for Oracle or the Mozilla Foundation. I mean, honestly now.


V. busy these days, getting all set up with the new job, but I couldn’t resist.

This one‘s for my Mom.

it glows like beauty, on my desk

The monitor that I coveted so has arrived, on the wings of my own personal cross-border monitor angel. It is, truly, a thing of beauty. Even Tyla thinks so.

The ZDNet review review — you will have to scroll down past the acre of ad-garbage, likely — claims that it has “mediocre image quality”, in which case I don’t think I’m emotionally equipped to deal with superior image quality.

(I just caught myself admiring the brightness and rich colours in a banner ad. I’m so damaged.)

Update: *swoon*


I finally got my offer package today, and Tyla helpfully Purolatored it off to the processing centre in California — Jeremy’s advice was “send it exactly as it says; don’t fight with The Process” — so I’m a small amount of paperwork from being an official Oracle employee. I’m pretty psyched.

Beltzner and I celebrated with champagne and wings, after a start-of-season Ultimate clinic, and before joining some other friends in the viewing of a pretty-mediocre Angel episode.

Then I bit my tongue harder than I’ve ever bit it before, and now have a bruise about the size of a dime. Or, perhaps, the size of a molar.

missed by that much

There are a number of companies who have purchased Google AdWords associated with Sasser, the latest phage to visit my favourite software monoculture. You can see their ads with an appropriate Google search, over there on the right, products of a market’s quick reaction to breaking news.

None of them are Microsoft, who do have a pretty good starter page on the topic, eminently suited to life as an AdWord link-target.

Ah well, maybe the next time.

do not look into Lsongs with remaining eye

Now, I’m no usability wizard or anything, but even I know a steaming pile when I stumble onto one.

At least they’re working on Nvu as well. (Attention software people: I am available to name things on very short notice!)

Update: It burns!

Further: They must have been hacked or something. I mean, honestly.

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