Edd was right to call us, by which I mean me, on being a little too ranty during our talk on Tuesday. I got a little carried away, though I think it was important for us to dispel some of the halo surrounding the W3C as the only way to “morally” put forward new standards. The days of the divine rights of standards kings are behind us, for better or for worse, and Edd has already covered (quite well) some of the reasons why. I want “more tech and less rant” as well, and I hope to put some tech-money where our rant-mouth is in the very near future.

I’ll put our slides up somewhere later this week, though I don’t generally write slides to stand on their own, mainly because I can’t stand people reading exposition off of the screen, and don’t want to become the thing I hate.

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  1. entered 22 July 2004 @ 12:40 pm

    Depends on the audience, of course, but I think care needs to be taken with taking shots at the W3C’s halo. Lots of people in the Mozilla “community” are still dedicated to polishing that halo.

    Just a few minutes ago I was reading something in the web forums where someone started by saying that Mozilla was broken because a written-for-IE site didn’t work. The response (from multiple people) was that Mozilla closely obeyed W3C standards (specifically W3C standards, not just any old standards), and any browser or site that didn’t should be condemned as broken and wrong.

    Would be good if those people could be brought around to the view that WHATWG etc is acceptable. Telling them straight off that the divine rights of the king they’re still worshipping are a thing of the past is likely to cause much ranting and foot stamping.

    For that reason, I think it’d be good if some of the stuff you/Mozilla have been saying (preferably with a limited rant element) was also written so as to be available to the wider audience of browser-using geeks and hobbyist web developers who are busy driving towards XHTML 2 with their own sites…

  2. entered 22 July 2004 @ 5:19 pm

    You can always publish the slides with speaker notes that substitute for the extempore content of the presentation.

  3. entered 22 July 2004 @ 7:25 pm

    Dude, if I had time to write a talk, I’d give much different talks. And if I have to write the speaker notes, I might as well write a talk.

    Besides, who would come see me present if I didn’t dangle the prospect of additional content?

  4. Peter Bojanic
    entered 23 July 2004 @ 8:47 am

    I’m looking forward to the slides to get a better handle on future direction and matters of importance in the browser world. Please do post.


    PS. I don’t think slides should stand on their own — overly verbose slides are just fancy formatted essays.

  5. entered 23 July 2004 @ 10:10 am

    “Besides, who would come see me present if I didn¬ít dangle the prospect of additional content?”

    You mean … my CafePress store of “ShaverFan” merchandise will never turn the big profits I’ve been dreaming of? Crap. Guess it’s back to contributing to the ol’ RRSP, then.