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I’m going to be speaking about web futures at the Desktop Developers Conference on Tuesday, if people find themselves in Ottawa and want to waste an hour of their lives listening to me. (Actually, I think it’ll be a pretty good talk; Brendan and I are both quite keen to get into this discussion with the rest of the open-desktop community, and there’s a lot of interesting stuff to discuss.)

After that, on August 6th, I’ll be speaking at the Mozilla Developer Day about Mozilla 2.0: what we need to do, what we know we’re not going to do, what we’re still trying to figure out, and how we’re going about making these decisions. If you’re in the Bay Area, it’ll be well worth your $25 to come and talk with us about this, or listen to the other talks. I hear the Googleplex is pretty sweet, too.

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  1. entered 18 July 2004 @ 3:16 am

    Whoa. That agenda looks like quite the amount to cover in an hour. I’d really be interested in listening in, but of course, the IBM sponsored rides between Ottawa and Toronto have come to an end. Any chance of the talk being webcast? Or, at the very least, of you putting the slides online somewhere when the talk is done?