and now we feed

I don’t know about you, but I’m interested enough in finding out the identity of Hoye’s mystery guests at Chu Shing tonight to show up in person.

Special bonus: if you are of able body and relatively calm disposition, I will buy your dinner in exchange for your showing up to help my mother unload her truck at 2PM on Sunday. Offer valid while supplies last (more than 5 people would just be excessive, I think), void where prohibited, do not apply directly to open wounds. Don’t bother sending mail about it, just show up tonight to apply and claim your prize.


Edd was right to call us, by which I mean me, on being a little too ranty during our talk on Tuesday. I got a little carried away, though I think it was important for us to dispel some of the halo surrounding the W3C as the only way to “morally” put forward new standards. The days of the divine rights of standards kings are behind us, for better or for worse, and Edd has already covered (quite well) some of the reasons why. I want “more tech and less rant” as well, and I hope to put some tech-money where our rant-mouth is in the very near future.

I’ll put our slides up somewhere later this week, though I don’t generally write slides to stand on their own, mainly because I can’t stand people reading exposition off of the screen, and don’t want to become the thing I hate.

careful what you wish for

The case for: if you separate mechanism sufficiently from policy, people can use that mechanism to implement arbitrary policies.

The case against: if you separate mechanism sufficiently from policy, people will use that mechanism to implement very arbitrary policies.

Je vous remercie pour votre attention.

get your fix

I’m going to be speaking about web futures at the Desktop Developers Conference on Tuesday, if people find themselves in Ottawa and want to waste an hour of their lives listening to me. (Actually, I think it’ll be a pretty good talk; Brendan and I are both quite keen to get into this discussion with the rest of the open-desktop community, and there’s a lot of interesting stuff to discuss.)

After that, on August 6th, I’ll be speaking at the Mozilla Developer Day about Mozilla 2.0: what we need to do, what we know we’re not going to do, what we’re still trying to figure out, and how we’re going about making these decisions. If you’re in the Bay Area, it’ll be well worth your $25 to come and talk with us about this, or listen to the other talks. I hear the Googleplex is pretty sweet, too.

get off the sidewalk


Update: OK, OK. I was trying to reproduce, all HTML-like, the portion of my new license that indicates that I passed my driving test, but clearly failed miserably.

the relentless march of progress

From various channels, early this morning:

* bryner is really disturbed by redhat's gcc 3.3.3 (fc2) generating worse code than their 3.3.2 in fc1

< vlad> vladimir@tornado[1099]% rpm -q gcc34
< vlad> gcc34-3.4.0-1
< vlad> who needs 3.3.3?

< shaver> use gcc34?
< bryner> it's even worse