a knife at a tank battle

Seth Nickell‘s a decent guy, and I think his insights on the design process are often deserving of careful consideration.

But when it comes to analysis of patent risks for various technologies, he is very much out of his league.

I have lots of thoughts about the Mono patent issue, and I will share them here in more detail once I finish up with my responsibilities for this week. I think that Nat highlights the most common failing of critical thinking in this debate, though: there is no “safe” choice, and I have not heard any compelling arguments to make me believe that any of the proposed alternatives are any safer. Certainly, the oft-trumpted Java — into which Red Hat is piling quite a bit of money — is not free of patent concerns, and the key patent issues in the next 5 years are going to be application-level ones, IMO.

I am not, of course, speaking for Oracle or the Mozilla Foundation. I mean, honestly now.

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