it glows like beauty, on my desk

The monitor that I coveted so has arrived, on the wings of my own personal cross-border monitor angel. It is, truly, a thing of beauty. Even Tyla thinks so.

The ZDNet review review — you will have to scroll down past the acre of ad-garbage, likely — claims that it has “mediocre image quality”, in which case I don’t think I’m emotionally equipped to deal with superior image quality.

(I just caught myself admiring the brightness and rich colours in a banner ad. I’m so damaged.)

Update: *swoon*

2 comments to “it glows like beauty, on my desk”

  1. entered 9 May 2004 @ 11:25 pm

    Tax … refund … burning … hole … in … pocket!

  2. entered 11 May 2004 @ 9:05 pm

    You are not kidding — that is one sweet arsed monitor living on my desk