touch and go, redux

Back to the Bay Area today, after an exciting semi-demi-hemi-week of not quite catching up on stuff from my last trip. I am behind, very very behind, on a huge number of things, including diary entries about:

  • the last 2 days of the Game Developers Conference;
  • a related post about games-as-art, the prospects for innovative game design (I would totally play a game of Wonder Lincoln, even without the “Pairs Plague Dodging” bonus round), and how to get over the “big team, big budget, big schedule” hump;
  • what I’ve been up to in the Bay Area and elsewhere for the last while;
  • my attempts to machete a path through the desktop language jungle;
  • why you should vote Phil Schwan in the next election — write-in is fine! — even if he doesn’t end up running for The Money Party.

I bet you can’t wait!

2 comments to “touch and go, redux”

  1. George
    entered 31 March 2004 @ 5:10 pm

    It’s true, I couldn’t wait. I shot myself.

  2. entered 1 April 2004 @ 1:30 am

    Your wait is drawing to a close!