I have always considered the profound distinction between ninjas and pirates to be an absolute one.

(“ology”, BTW, is for science)

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  1. George
    entered 22 March 2004 @ 12:56 am

    Amusing… another classic example of this, somewhat older (and, perhaps without anyone realizing it, an actual precedent), is the “fox and hedgehog” dichotomy, expounded by Isaiah Berlin in some essay. Foxes know a little bit about a lot of things, hedgehogs know one big thing. He then went on to slot famous writers and other artists into one or another of these roles (I think… I’m getting this second hand from a book called Collage City by Colin Rowe and somebody else). E.g. Picasso is a fox, Monet is probably a hedgehog, etc. He cites an interesting exception: Tolstoy, whom he claims was actually a fox but tried to live like a hedgehog. I haven’t actually read the original essay, I just find it interesting.

    Another note… on the Colin Rowe essay. There’s a whole discussion about “bricolage” as an approach to art and life, which basically means “hacking” in the fullest sense of the term. It’s interesting to me how, through the filter of code (to some degree, a digitization of relationships between things), bricolage/hacking is able to take on an increased importance… perl goes well beyond duct tape in terms of the variety of things it can join together, code snippets can be re-used infinitely and modified endlessly, etc.

    Babble babble babble… just my brain reacting through my mouth to what you put on the screen, based on some inchoate musings planted there during a seminar two weeks ago.



  2. George
    entered 22 March 2004 @ 12:57 am

    Oh, those aren’t my mouth, those are my fingers. I see. With my ass.