I thought I had things fixed when I went to sleep (about this time yesterday, in fact), but there were still some issues to be resolved, such as:

  • reverting from “dovecot”:http://dovecot.procontrol.fi/ to @uw-imapd@, which grates on my soul, but which does allow my users to access their email, so here we are. dovecot will be great in the future at some point, but for now it’s really not the right solution for me, especially when I’m on a tight schedule.

  • a bunch of PHP and Apache-config infelicities that broke some users’ apps.

  • a forgotten @spamassassin@ installation, which bounced a bunch of email to “Mike”:http://neon.polkaroo.net/~mhoye/blarg/. It looks sort of like that was all spam, in fact, which would be a nice touch of luck.

  • some unknown problem with @procmail@ that bounced a bunch of Madhava’s mail, in addition to causing a much-less-critical misfiling issue with Phil’s. Confidential to the authors of @procmail@: if you continue to write software for part of a mail-delivery pipeline, please be liberal with your application of @strerror@, so that I have a hope in hell of figuring out why you can’t write to, say, @/var/spool/mail/enros@; many thanks.

  • a classic problem with PINE, which I hate so much I could scream.

  • a billion little tiny permission/group/missing-symlink etc. problems that consumed the rest of the time.

I did get SMTP auth working, though, against all odds, so there’s one bright spot.

Now I just have to figure out how to make up the 20 hours of work-time I missed this weekend so I don’t get fired.

I’m so tired.

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  1. entered 16 February 2004 @ 10:33 am

    Thanks, Mike, for all your work. I hope you get some sleep and some time to do your real work soon!