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I’ve been working on Lustre recovery for quite some time. Probably a year and a half, I guess, and there was some good work done in there. Not all of the work was good, mind you, but I’m not totally ashamed of what I accomplished. After a few false-starts at the process, though, responsibility for that subsystem — some people would consider it an “aspect”: because it cuts across so many otherwise well-layered subsystems, I suppose — has passed on to one of my co-workers. He’d assisted me a fair bit in the past, and I think he’ll do a fine job. Which means I won’t have to, at least as far as recovery is concerned, so I’m pretty psyched.

Instead, I have taken over responsibility for a few other Lustrey things. Don’t worry, I”m not hurting for things to do. The first piece — I think this is in chronological order by date of assignment, but if it’s not…\/\/hatever — is the design and development of at least two tools to assist in the configuration, management and monitoring of Lustre installations (one text and one graphical). Right now it’s more of a manual (and therefore error-prone) process than it really should be, and it requires that the administrator know far more about our configuration internals than is ultimately desireable. Some of our “larger clients”: have written their own layers of shell scripts and whatnot atop our tools and their own monitoring software, but we’re looking for something a little more general and a little more polished. (With no offense intended to the authors of those tools!)

So far, I’ve got the framework for the text-based utility limping along, loading configuration information, and poking tentatively at the few nodes in my “dogfood”: cluster.

In addition to that, I’m also leading the charge on some new training programmes, including material for students and trainers, actually delivering that curriculum (at least in the near term), and helping schedule/plan/fill on-site and “open” training sessions. Beth and I are in the middle of a massive rewrite of our presentation materials this week, and I hope to have that done and polished nicely in time for my first class (tentatively scheduled for Feb 2-3). I’ll be delivering this course at least a few times, and possibly many more, before we hand it off to a full-time training-delivery type, so the materials had better be good enough to stand in front of for 16 hours without making me want to cry. Likely to be a lot of travel involved, it looks like.

Of course, I’m also still managing parts of our QA work, so I have to scurry around every day and think of new ways for Coop to “make me look good”:

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  1. entered 13 January 2004 @ 1:02 pm

    Your job looks infinitely more interesting than mine. Wanna switch?

    This sounds like a lot of fun, Mike. Looks like you’re being put into a position where you’re building the presentation layer of Lustre for its end users, in a way.