canadian gods

I’d been meaning for quite some time to pick up “American Gods”:, probably since "dan_b": recommended it to me back at some forgotten “conference”: I never seemed to remember when I was actually in a book store — and for all my hip-and-wiredness, I don’t actually buy books online hardly at all ever not really; book purchases are visceral and instantly-gratifying, and must be for all time — so until today I still hadn’t read it.

Today, though, I was reminded to purchase it, when Mr Gaiman himself sat down at the next table while I was eating a lovely Japan Sushi meal. He was being interviewed pretty poorly, IMO — the interviewer asked the same question three times, for example — but he did manage to trigger some piddly royalty on a trade paperback, and I bet he wasn’t buying his own sashimi.

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  1. entered 31 August 2003 @ 12:09 pm

    I would happily have recommended American Gods to you, and may even have done so at some other forgotten conference. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t OLS 1999, though: (a) I wasn’t there, and (b) the book was published in 2001.

  2. entered 3 September 2003 @ 8:55 pm

    Listen, buster, do I go over and correct you on your diary?

    I thought not.