most certainly not

Man, I am getting to be so bad at this. When I do update, I end up spending 30 mins editing and linking and such, so I can’t really stop and do it in the middle of some work task as a diary-prone thought springs to mind. But then by the time I have time, the moment has really passed. I’m going to try solving this personal problem with software, so the next time I post here will probably be with that.

Some things of recentness:

  • It was dark here for a while.
  • The Blizzards came and visited, which was nice. They enjoyed the darkness somewhat, I think. It was certainly novel!
  • Alasdair and I are not going to Copenhagen, and we’re not going to Zurich – at least, not now. We’re going to VEGAS, BABY instead, and in fact we’re leaving for the airport in two hours. I should pack. I’m actually quite looking forward to it, especially since there are some things that even Tyla would approve of.
  • Novell is paying for my trip, or most of it. Thanks, Novell!

I was going to pack this morning, but then at around six AM Chester decided to get on the roof, and he ended up on the slate side of the roof, and then after several minutes of wailing and scrabbling he ended up on the ground. Because cats are designed to make humans’ lives difficult, he had hidden himself in some undergrowth by the time I got downstairs. Black cars may look better in the shade, but grey cats don’t look like anything at dawn in the neighbour’s garden.

We took him to the emergency clinic, where the nice vet man told us that he’d broken off half a tooth, and split his palate slightly, but was otherwise fine. And no, not to worry, he would not learn one damned thing from the episode. Sigh. Tyla’s going to pick him up this afternoon, and then I guess we’ll figure out what to do with his tooth at that point.

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