not with a scream, but with a sigh

The Leafs really did run out of steam last night, but I’m not all that sad about it. A healthy Leafs team would have done better, I think, and I have to say that some of the best Leafs hockey I’ve ever seen took place in this series. And, really, the Flyers were much more “together” during most of the affair. Hopefully, Pat’ll keep this excellent roster together next year, so they can finish gelling (like a felon) and return to the playoffs with a little less falling-apart in their D, and a little less of the two-line passing and offside parade that so amused Jacob this year. I still believe.

Kudos to Minnesota for just plain old wanting it more. The West is so freaky this year. I love it. (I am sort of sorry that Alasdair’s hockey pool entry is basically worthless now, but I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep over it.)

I’m 43 points worth of empathic and 55 points worth of systemising, for a nice balanced brain. I haven’t tested, but personally believe that I’m also very little country, and somewhat more rock and roll. (Links to non-Flash tests and more background available on the main “Essential Difference” page.)

Madhava should watch out, because there’s a new disease running rampant in the pirate community: SARRRRRRRRRRS!

I just paid my taxes for 2002 — I don’t have to file until June 15th, because I’m all self-employed and such — and apparently it never becomes less than terrifying to sling that amount of money around with my web browser. Not that anyone shouldn’t trust Mozilla, because I mean, really, it’s all good, but that’s a major financial shift hinging on the press of one little grey rectangle.

Driving lesson today was OK, but brief. I really don’t like this Honda as much as the Mustang — not that I’m really a muscle car sort of guy, but the dead-zone in the accelerator is no fun at all. I’ll practice more on Martha’s car this week, when I travel to Ottawa for Sara’s birthday, and then maybe trick Alasdair into letting me wheel about a bit in his car next week.

Good day for online findings:

Appearing on national television Wednesday, Dosha seemed in fine spirits apart from a gunshot wound to her head and other injuries sustained from being hit by the car.


The vaguely quantitative words “significant” and “significantly” are used 5 times on this slide, with de facto meanings ranging from detectable in largely irrelevant calibration case study to an amount of damage so that everyone dies to a difference of 640-fold. None of these 5 usages appears to refer to the technical meaning of statistical significance.

Jacob had better start training. He only has 360-odd days to brush up on his public urination, indecent exposure and general lack of hygiene before next year’s Boston Marathon.

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