giving a little back

I’m still a little giddy about the passage of The Test, and that glow carried me through a handful of nice little fixes today. One of my patches totally breaks things, but that doesn’t bother me too much. I’ll get to fix it tomorrow.

Phil’s been a sweetheart of late, and has been helping me with the little bits of tidy-up bugs left in the rest of the suite. I really do so enjoy working with him, and I’m thrilled that the answer to what next, when recovery is “done”? involves toiling even more closely by his side. Huzzah.

In my continuing efforts to push more and more of my work onto my unsuspecting Coopbot, I drafted a quick note about the first steps in analysis of a Lustre crash captured under UML. Hope it makes some sense. I’m sure he’ll tell me if it doesn’t.

A few modest suggestions on how to improve the sport of hockey:

  • When the goaltender is out of the crease — or, for purposes of this rule, an enlarged crease-like area — he should not be immune to bodychecks. Many goaltenders act as “third defensemen” to play the puck under forechecking pressure, and that’s fine, but they need to be subject to the same rules as the other two defensemen. Within the crease area, the goalie should remain a god among men.
  • A penalty shot should be awarded in addition to, not in place of a two-minute minor. While exciting, a penalty shot isn’t really much of a penalty in many cases, and if a goal on the penalty shot invalidated the penalty — as a goal on a delayed penalty call does, for example — there would not be a risk of a “double” penalty.
  • Even if the ice surface “can’t” be widened, opening up the game a little bit more through removal of the center line, at least with respect to two-line passes, would be welcome. There’s a reason there aren’t many highlight reels devoted to the neutral zone trap.
  • I should be awarded Leafs season tickets, including any and all playoff rounds, to encourage my further development of these and other game-saving suggestions.

Go Leafs, and I leave you with some words of sport-relativism wisdom:

<odorizzi>even if the avs lose, remember…there’s always basketball!!!
<shaver>basketball is a sad substitute for playoff hockey, Jason
<shaver>for shame!
<phik>basketball is a poor substitute for a razor blade sandwich
<phik>If you worked in my office, I’d cut you

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