traffic; congestion

I had hoped to sleep on the plane back, since it was a red-eye and that’s what they’re for. Failing that, I was willing to settle for getting some work done, because there’s always enough of that lying around to fill a few hours.

Instead, I was too tired to work, or even read, and too cold and uncomfortable to sleep. Non-upgradeable tickets are really starting to seem like false economies, given how much travel I’m doing.

When I got home, I slept for 5 sweet hours, in a perfectly comfortable bed with my perfectly lovely wife. Then I woke up with a sore throat and mild congestion. As of this writing, they have only worsened. There is no Neo Citran in the house, and we’re now out of honey.

That didn’t keep me from a handful of bugs, though, which is making me believe that my groove might really have returned. Tomorrow, I will write a test plan for Lustre Lite 1.0′s recovery support, and then probably spend a fair bit of time talking with our testing stud about how to turn that into reality. I was thinking of having Coop come to Toronto for a few days this week (not Super Sunday, of course, because Kev and James would have my ass in a sling), but the Velocet offices are in the final throes of renovation, and it’s really quite a disaster.

I forgot my tux-vest in California. Have to call the hotel tomorrow and have them mail it to me. Or maybe get Pav to pick it up and do the mailing, though that didn’t work at all with my Netwinder.

Also, while I was away my desktop machine was moved and during the process the power cable for one of the CPU fans got wedged in the fan itself, rendering the apparatus totally useless for cooling the processor. As a result, the processor pretty much melted, so I have to sort out replacement bits sometime this week.

My loving and wise mother bought me a book of historic speeches for Christmas, and since today was Martin Luther King Day, she lovingly and wisely pointed out that I should cue up the CD to his speech and give it a listen. Great idea, and I know I said I’d do it, but I’m just way too cold-tired to give Mr. King the attention he deserves. Maybe I’ll remember to rip the CD before my next trip (this week, to Ottawa, perhaps) and I can absorb wisdom and eloquence while I flit about the globe, or at the very least the province.

sic transit shaver mundi, or something

Just for the record, I didn’t make Joe recant, and I didn’t set out to make him look like a fool. I just feared the worst, as I often do with Mozilla.

The wedding last night was pretty great. I’d never been to a nuptial mass before, and the biggest impression I took away was that there was not a lot of room for negotation on some points of Catholicism policy. I can handle that, though, given that I was very much on their turf. (And beautiful turf it was.)

Pavlov finally arrived to come to SF with me — Caltrain doesn’t offer weekend service right now, wonderfully — so we’re off to see dmose and maybe the Watersons. Then dinner with Jamie and a red-eye back. My jet lag is going to be fierce.


I just got back from Hyatt‘s, after Brendan and Eleanor’s wedding, and I’m really tired. I’m not going to even do a crappy list of things. Good night.

if it’s Friday, this must be California

Most of today was occupied by Air Canada flight 757, and transit related thereto. Actually, it was only about 8 hours, of the 22 I’ve been awake as of this writing, but spiritually it was a clear majority.

I got a lot of work done on the plane, which felt great. I might really be back in the groove this time. A really frightening problem — frightening in that we really had no idea what would cause extN to behave that way, not in that it woke me in the middle of the night with loud noises — turned out to be something else entirely. I’ve rarely been so happy to find three involved bugs in my code in the span of an hour, but Andreas and I had a good little analysis run.

My tux is being cleaned and pressed overnight. My hotel is literally a five minute walk from both the cleaners and the site of tomorrow’s wedding ceremony. The hotel also backs directly onto the Caltrain station, which was very convenient for visiting Mitchell for dinner, and hanging out with Casey and Jarett (did I spell that correctly?) and Dawn and Myk and Judy. So far, this trip is pretty darned sweet.

I’m going to go to bed now. When I wake up tomorrow — I’m guessing around 9am my time — Peter and Phil will have changed everything on me.

This was a pretty geeky entry. Sorry about that, if you’re not the pretty-geeky sort; it was a pretty geeky day, too.

phoning it in

I was going to write something interesting here, I swear, but then I checked my itinerary for tomorrow’s flight, and discovered that it leaves at nine fifteen in the morning, instead of three something in the afternoon. So instead I’ll just tell you what’s in my head right now:

Tux (jacket, pants, vest, suspenders, tie, cufflinks, shirt-studs, shoes, socks), underwear, more socks, passport, itinerary, Mitchell’s cell number, Robert’s cell number, shirts, slacks, belt, Nomad, Nomad cable (left it at work, I lose), sunglasses, reserve a taxi.

I haven’t been very productive over the last couple of weeks — basically since I got back from Edinburgh, mildly burned out — but it’s starting to slowly pick up again. I might get to spend some time working with Robert at the tail end of this trip, which would be good.

[Ed.: cp draft.html cotnent.html does not quite publish. Close, though!]

back; popular demand

I said I’d be back, but I never said I’d be prompt about it. Regular readers, or people who have actually met me, know that promptness is not my strongest suit. Sometimes, in fact, I think I’ve been dealt a void. But enough about me.

Quite a little surge in hits over the last few days, due to the story; from my usual daily average of ~450 to yesterday’s record of nearly 5000. I bet that at least 4500 of those hits resulted in disappointment.

Anyway, I have two major points of clarification with respect to Mr. Festa’s article. I don’t dispute that I said the things that he quoted, and I won’t pretend I don’t believe them, but I do think that there was a significantly larger amount of “KHTML beats/helps us in some areas, and we beat/help them in others” when the quotes were taken in context. Even Safari developers will tell you that Gecko’s “correctness” is materially better than KHTML’s, for standards-compliant and legacy-quirk content alike. Safari also took one of the most complex and effort-intensive parts of Gecko, the view manager, to add to KHTML, because Gecko’s worked so well.

This brings us to the next point of concern: I don’t believe that my statements, even the very ones he quoted, support his contention that Apple’s choice “stings” Mozilla. Certainly, some of the presentation of Apple’s numbers (such as comparing KHTML’s size to that of the Java-laden Netscape browser suite) were a little troubling, and jwz has never been known to spare the vitriol, but that’s not really the same thing. I explicitly said that I wasn’t offended or embarrassed by Safari’s performance or the fact that they chose KHTML. I’ve known about Apple’s choice for many, many months, and I wasn’t even offended then. Apple had some goals for their browser that weren’t met by Mozilla, and certainly ease-of-modification is one of them. I think Safari is great news for Mozilla, because it provides another source of effort for another open source browser, from which we can learn things, as they have learned from Mozilla.

(I really wish KHTML had been “All That” when we were starting out on Gecko, because it would have provided a sanity check against some of the problems that dbaron points out. Their appearance on the scene heralds, IMO, only good things for Mozilla as a project and a technology, other than the inevitable distraction of people trying to spin it into a new browser war.)

That’s probably all I’m going to say about this little episode, because I have a lot of other stuff to think about and work on, and I’m already pretty cranky. Festa has robbed me of more hours of my life, and I keep swearing that it won’t happen again.

In other crappy media news, the public lost an important Supreme Court case today, opening the door for what could well be an indefinite copyright protection period in the United States. I’m interested in seeing whether or not Canada “harmonizes” its copyright duration laws (read: “kowtows to the US”) in time to keep “Steamboat Willie” from entering the public domain up here.

Coop is almost done with a most righteous test suite. I’m quite impressed, especially since I provided basically none of the help I promised. Yay coop, boo me.

Dinner last night with Kev was a wonderful feast of seafood and beer and great conversation. It was great to see him again, especially because he hadn’t seen Madhava since The Days Of The Moustache (Moustake?). If you’re ever looking for a fun dinner companion, I recommend Kev highly, and if you’re looking for oysters and seafood, I can now recommend Rodney’s Oyster House as well. (One reviewer didn’t like the coconut curry shrimp, but Tyla and Kev sure did.)

I’m working from home today, and there’s a cat outside that seems to want attention. I’m not sure where it is, exactly, but Chester seems very interested.

yeah, but don’t sweat the context

Welcome, readers! I have to get on a plane now, so I can’t write all the things I want to write, but you should probably start over here with what Blizzard wrote. It’s a lot like what I would have told Mr. Festa if he’d bothered to contact me at all for commentary or confirmation, rather than just tearing portions of my statements out to suit his angle. I’d like to say that I expect better from him, but I don’t think that I do.

Back later, with more. (I’m sure you can’t wait.)

baroque fruits of creative labour

Phil has been reading this great book about, well, the making of the atomic bomb. I started to flip through last night, before I passed out, and I’m kinda hooked. I’ve just hit a bit of a lull in the other book I’ve been reading, so I might see if I can find a copy of the bomb book. What better reading to take through airport security? (Phil, a contractor for the United States National Nuclear Security Administration, also had a book about India’s nuclear program with him for a while. I’m not that brave.)

I wrote some docs today, and had a fair bit of fun. Organizing my recovery knowledge into some semi-coherent documentation actually helped me think concretely about some annoying problems in new ways. So, yay for writing.

I am so close to done with the thing I’m writing for the friend I’m not supposed to talk about. He left a really cute voice mail on my cell phone while Joe and Jacob and Chris and I were at a movie and Phil was at home working so hard it made me feel a little guilty. Just a little, though. I’m going to finish this writing thing first thing in the morning thing, so that the friend thing can have it before I get on the flying thing and return to the wife thing. Or something. (Confidential to said friend: I did spend almost an hour on it today. Did I mention that I hate writing this stuff?)

The movie was a lot of fun. Recommended. Great date movie, I think, though I might be biased because Jacob kept putting his hand in on my thigh.

productivity factor zero

I slept quite well last night, and didn’t roll out of bed until about 2:30pm, at which point Phil and I fairly scrambled to the grocery store to fetch vegetables. We are going to have a nice meal — I just know it — at Chris’ and Shona’s tonight, and our contribution is supposed to be roasted root veggies. Except that we have a lot of veggies, and not a lot of cookie-sheet space, so it’s turning out more like roasted sweet potatoes and potatoes, baked onions, and carrots with butter and cinnamon and orange juice and stuff. I think it’ll turn out OK.

It seems that Chris was afraid that Phil and I would work all weekend. Ha ha ha. Well, Phil has spent a fair bit of time on the phone and sending email, but I’ve been the slackest ass in all of slackassdom. That’s just going to make things that much more brutal next week, but for now I’m having a blast. This weekend thing rules.

I think our food is ready now, so we have to grab the zipcar and then grab the boyz and get ourselves Blizzard-ward.


We slept in late, because we can do that when Tyla’s not around, and then started the day with the watching of some football. I think Tennessee won, and I think that’s who we were cheering for — because they weren’t, and still aren’t, Pittsburgh — but I know so little about football that I was really just along for the ride.

Every time I come to Boston, we don’t get barbecue, and since the Boston crowd basically cannot stop talking about it when I’m in Toronto, I put my foot down and demanded that we rectify the situation. Damn, that was some good barbecue. Just what we needed to fortify ourselves for hockey.

Maybe the Leafs should have had some barbecue. Sundin was back in the lineup, and I thought that would help a fair bit — and given that the Leafs had been playing quite well, and that Boston had just lost to Buffalo, that fair bit would be gravy, right? — but he wasn’t really a factor. Part of the problem there is likely that he’s a bit of a playmaker, and the Leafs couldn’t string together three passes to save their miserable little lives. I don’t think the Bruins played excellent hockey either, but they sure played better. Ah well; there two more Leafs games in Boston this year, and I might come back to cheer them on.

We’re going to play some Halo now, just because we can, and then I’ll probably write some more about my travel experiences the other day.

[Ed.: Or maybe I'll just fall asleep watching Sports Night DVDs instead.]

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